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Years dedicated to you

About us

HLA Group is one of the hospital providers with the largest presence in Spain. It was created to provide access to high-level healthcare.

Our group comprises 15 hospitals, 32 multi-specialist medical centres and a network of the latest generation reference treatment units.

Our history goes back to the 1980s, when a group of doctors who were members of the Lavinia cooperative (a non-profit social enterprise) decided to expand its offering and start providing healthcare services.

In a clear wager aimed at growth, differentiation and a unique healthcare provision model to complete the current network.

In 2016, we consolidated the group by incorporating the HLA Lavinia Salud holding company, which enables us to provide the best healthcare through an integrated healthcare model.

With the best professionals and the most advanced technology thanks to the renewal of our facilities. Excellence in healthcare is achieved through the ongoing training of our professionals, research and permanent monitoring of our processes.

90% of our hospitals and clinics are located in provinces where tourism is one of the main driving forces: Seville, Malaga, Granada, Cadiz, Alicante, Madrid, Murcia, Zaragoza, Huelva and Almeria. This means that we have agreements with healthcare and mutual companies both in Spain and abroad and shows our extensive experience in treating private patients; each hospital is a reference in its city of origin.


What makes us unique

HLA focuses on specialising and standardising our services. We are a benchmark in quality and patient experience, always seeking excellence and medical innovation. We become closer to our patients every day and we are accessible from anywhere through the technological tools which can permanently interact with their needs and care for their health in a proactive way.

These are the cornerstones of our activity:

Medicine: We are committed to the best professionals, and our hospitals, medical centres and specialist units work with the latest generation technology.

Experience: We carry out our activity with the maximum healthcare quality and excellent patient experience. We have a single model for all our centres and we use information technology to constantly become closer to patients.

We also have multidisciplinary units of excellence which provide a broad service portfolio to both Spanish and foreign patients. Our 35 years of experience warrant this.

People: We provide customised healthcare through our personal healthcare managers and we proactively work in detecting and solving our patients’ needs.

Technology: We reinvest our proceeds so that our patients have the latest medical technology. A constant feature in our group’s clinics and hospitals has always been our commitment to implementing avant-garde technology, exclusive in many cases, in both the healthcare and management areas.

What do we do?

Our differential value is that we focus on an excellent patient experience in terms of healthcare. Our maxim is the ‘HLA Experience’ with which we focus on providing personalised healthcare that is closer to patients and with the highest quality standards so that our users can have peace of mind and be sure that their health will be restored. HLA takes a step further in patients’ healthcare by providing proactive management.

All our centres are constantly evolving by expanding our facilities, investing over 17 million euros in 2016 to modernise the infrastructure and acquire new equipment, and hiring new professionals to ensure that our medical offering is the biggest in the country.

Through continuous innovation and generation of digital technology, we can improve the safety of our patients and their experience when interacting with the centre.

Concierto Manuel Tenorio

“El hospital HLA La Vega presenta a Manu Tenorio en Murcia con su último concierto ‘Con el Alma Encendida’ el viernes 19 de octubre a las 21 horas en el Teatro Romea, en homenaje a todos los pacientes y en especial a aquellos que han luchado contra el cáncer de mama. Consigue tu invitación doble inscribiéndote aquí”

Concierto Manuel Tenorio