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Micrograft Unit


The HLA Los Naranjos clinic has a new Surgery and Hair Transplant Unit with the latest medical and surgical procedures and the most advanced technology to offer personalized and excellent care for the diagnosis and specific treatment of hair loss, the different forms of alopecia and other hair and eyebrow problems, both for men and women, with the safety of a hospital environment

The service offers you the latest treatments of:

Campana HLA Los Naranjos Capilar
Campana HLA Los Naranjos Capilar

The service offers you the latest treatments of:

Pharmaceuticals and mesotherapy.

Lasers of low intensity.

Autologous treatment.

Micrograft with the FUE technique.

No scar, no pain and in a single session.


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About the clinic

The HLA Los Naranjos center is located in a recently remodeled building, an exponent of private health in the city since 1977.

About clinic

Large team of professionals

Provides medical-surgical care in 30 specialties.

Profesional team

Modern facilities

It has 30 beds, 4 operating rooms, 2 endoscopy rooms, 2 delivery rooms and 23 consultations.

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