Frequently Asked Questions

1- I want to request an appointment, how can I do it?

Log in with your passwords to the 'Patient Portal' and on the main screen select the option 'Make an appointment.'.

The system will ask you what province and town you are in or if you have a preference for HLA Center.

Follow the steps to select specialty/Physician/Schedule to make your appointment.

Once completed, you will be able to add the appointment to your calendar and download your voucher.

Remember that there are some specialties that due to their complexity are not enabled for online citation through the web portals / App.

You'll be able to quote yourself in these cases through the appointment phone number.

2- I don't have a password, how can I register in the patient portal?

If this is the first time you are using our services, we need you to provide us with some minimum data in order to correctly register your appointments.

Access the patient portal, select the option 'I am a new user' and fill in the fields requested in this section. Subsequently, you will receive a confirmation in your phone / mail to validate your data and complete the process.

If you ever forget your password, remember that you can retrieve it by entering your username and clicking on 'I forgot my password'.

3- I don't remember my appointment, how can I check my pending appointments?

Log in with your passwords to the patient portal, you will see a summary of your pending appointments in the 'My appointments' section. If you have more than three appointments, you can scroll horizontally to view them.

4- I want to cancel my appointment, how can I do it?

Access with your passwords to the patient portal, you will see a summary of your 'My Appointments' and there you can locate the appointment you want to cancel and select the icon enabled for it.

5- I need to access my results how can I download them?

6- Why do I need to register as a user?

In order to enjoy all the functionalities of the application or the website it is necessary for you to register, otherwise we cannot ensure the citation process.

7- How do I get a voucher for my appointment?

Once you have attended your appointment, you will be able to download a proof of attendance by accessing the “Patient Portal”.

In the “Appointment archive” section you will see the list of appointments you have attended and in each of them you will find the icon for downloading in pdf format. In the voucher will appear the data of the care center and date of the appointment.

8- What is my user name to access the patient portal?

The user to access the App (HLA) or the patient portal is your DNI, passport or NIE (remember to use numbers and letters without dots or dashes).

9- How can I manage appointments for a family member?

Login to your profile and select the 'add user' option. Complete the requested data. Your family member will receive a confirmation request. Once approved, you will be able to manage their appointments from your personal area.

10- I do not have health insurance, can I make an appointment?

Yes, you can make appointments with all those professionals who have a consultation without insurance. You must select 'Private Patient' when selecting how you want to make your appointment.

11- How can I modify my data?

If you want to modify your contact details (phone, email, address) enter the “Patient Portal” and go to “My profile”, where you can edit and/or modify your data. If there is an error in your personal data (name, surname), for security reasons, you should contact us through the Contact functionality and we will inform you how to proceed. Go to “My profile”.

12- I still have doubts

We are at your disposal to solve all your doubts. You can contact us through the contact form and we will answer you within 48 hours