About us

High-quality personalized medicine

The HLA Group develops high-quality, personalized medicine, supported by the most advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques and the doctor-patient relationship as the core of its model.

Peace of mind and care

The HLA Group business model provides the peace of mind of knowing that patients are placing their health in the hands of a company founded and managed by doctors with a purely vocational motivation and whose ultimate goal is to take care of people.

Technology, people and training at the service of the patient

In order to carry out its mission, the HLA Group has its own non-profit healthcare model, which reinvests the profits in improving its human and technological resources, modernising its facilities and training its professionals.


At the same time, the HLA Group is well aware that people's well-being depends to a large extent on their environment, and therefore develops an ambitious sustainability and environmental care policy, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda.