HLA Los Naranjos Clinic

Service specialized in pathologies


of the head and neck

The HLA clinic Los Naranjos has an area specialized in the comprehensive approach to pathologies that cover the field of Otorhinolaryngology and pathologies that affect the head and neck.

The service includes from prevention, diagnosis and medical-surgical treatment of the ear, the upper airways (mouth, nose, sinuses, pharynx and larynx) and nearby structures (face and neck).

  • The area puts at your disposal:

  • Functional testing

  • Associated and specific surgeries

  • personalized treatments

  • Comprehensive clinical follow-up

  • Adults and children

The area puts at your disposal:

Servicio Capilar

Covers a wide range of medical-surgical services

  • Study of voice pathology.

  • Study of vestibular pathology (vertigo).

  • Hearing study in adults.

  • prosthetic adaptation.

  • Childhood hearing loss screening.

  • Study of swallowing disorders.

  • Swallowing nasofibrolaryngoscopy.

  • Pediatric, clinical and surgical otorhinolaryngology.

  • Study and surgical treatment of cervical masses, including thyroid pathology.

  • Bruxism treatment with botulinum toxin.

  • Study of Sleep Apnea Hypopnea Syndrome (SAHS) in adults and pediatric patients.

  • Study and surgical treatment.

  • Facial, aesthetic and plastic study.

  • Specific surgeries:

  • Sinonasal endoscopy.

  • Plastic and reconstructive facial for tumors or skin defects.

  • Of the major salivary glands, parotid and submandibular.

  • Thyroid under neuromonitoring.

  • Reconstructive ear injuries.

  • Cervical.

  • otologic.

  • Childish.

Specific surgeries:

Servicio Capilar

about the clinic

In the center of HLA Los Naranjos, it is located in a recently remodeled building, an exponent of private healthcare in the city since 1977.

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Wide team of professionals

Provides medical-surgical assistance in more than 30 specialties

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It has 30 beds, 4 operating rooms, 2 endoscopy rooms, 2 delivery rooms and 23 consultation rooms.

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